Bastion Original Soundtrack by Darren Korb


It comes as no surprise that Bastion earned over 100 awards in the four years since its September 2010 reveal. With its unique, engaging narrative, captivating story, and commendable gameplay, there’s a lot to love, no matter what kind of gamer you are.

Equally impressive is the Bastion Original Soundtrack. Composed and produced by Darren Korb, the Bastion OST is a hauntingly heavy mix of songs accented with a Western drawl. Somehow, Korb managed to blend the best parts of industrial, electronic, and folk music into a score that fits Bastion like a tailored glove.

Bastion has you following “the Kid” in the aftermath of “the Calamity,” a catastrophic event that destroyed his home city of Caelondia, reducing most of the population to ash. Aside from the Kid, the only known survivors are an army of cold-blooded monsters and a mysterious storyteller named “Rucks.” Upon meeting, Rucks an the Kid band together, exploring what’s left of Caelondia in an attempt to restore the Bastion, a sacred place that may be humanity’s last chance for salvation.

The Bastion Original Soundtrack features a selection of songs that are as sullen and determined as the Kid himself. Highlights include “Bynn the Breaker,” “Spike in a Rail,” and “The Mancer’s Dilemma,” and if you only listen to one or two tracks from the Bastion OST, those are a fine place to start.

Even if you haven’t played Bastion – though I pray you have – I reckon you ought’a give this one a spin.

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