Best Video Game Soundtrack (2014) – OlliOlli


This one was a toughie.

For every amazing game released in 2014, there was an equally amazing soundtrack. The competition was fierce, with titles like Transistor, Bravely Default, and Mario Kart 8 tickling our ears with outstanding musical scores that both entertain and set the tone for some really great games.

Our winner almost slipped through the cracks, but revisiting it a few weeks ago, I realized how essential OlliOlli‘s soundtrack is to the experience – and how great it is for background listening at the office.

While the OlliOlli soundtrack isn’t an original work composed specifically for the game, it sure feels like one, drawing from a unique, hand-picked blend of artists you may or may not have heard before. The pacing of each track matches OlliOlli‘s linear, rhythmic gameplay to the letter, flowing with a quick energy that motivates the player to keep coming back for more – even if it’s just to hear the end of the next song.

If you haven’t played OlliOlli, it’s available for nearly every platform you can game on. We originally reviewed it for the PS Vita, and even having played the PS4 port, we still think it feels right at home on Sony’s neglected handheld.

Kudos to developer Roll7 for assembling such a mighty game. It revitalized an endangered genre while reinventing it all at once. Anyone aching for a challenge is sure to find satisfaction in OlliOlli, and we’re not ashamed to admit that we’re looking forward to the sequel, slated for 2015.

Even if twitch-reflex, arcade-style skateboarding games aren’t your bag, give the soundtrack a listen. I’ve found myself listening to it on a constant loop, and one kindly soul has organized most of the tracks into a playlist on Spotify for your listening pleasure.

Hey, I’ve even embedded it below. Talk about convenience!

TL;DR – Listen to this game’s music. A lot. Then play then the game. Or play the game first. Just do both, in any order.

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