@CripplerJones is Doing News Now


You read that right. @CripplerJones is doing news now.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Regular posts about video game-related topics and events we find interesting or relevant.
  • Always straightforward, always direct headlines (we don’t believe in misleading clickbait).
  • Blunt, honest commentary regarding the topic at hand (our opinions cannot be bought).
  • An open forum for discussion in the comments section (we believe you deserve to be heard).
  • Credit where credit is due (we will ALWAYS link back to the story’s original source, if applicable).

Keep in mind that “news” is loosely defined here. Our goal isn’t to be the first to post about something, and we’re not necessarily trying to be  “journalists.” We just love video games.

Realistically, @CripplerJones is too small to battle with the big dogs of video game coverage. Instead, we want to provide entertaining, insightful commentary on the video game industry, creating a civil discussion forum for those who desire it.

Unless we’re being ironic, you’ll never see clickbait headlines, misleading information, or fabricated stories in our news posts. While 99% of our coverage will originate elsewhere*, we’d like to maintain our integrity while inspiring intellectual conversation about current events in the video game industry. We don’t want to cover everything – just the stuff that catches our collective eye.

Finally, we want to have fun. This is a video game blog, after all.

Thanks for reading, and look for our gaming news coverage starting this week.

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*There’s always that chance we’ll break an ultra-hot story, amirite?


About Author

Perry currently resides in Philadelphia, PA with his wife and cat. His favorite games include Final Fantasy VI, Muramasa, Portal, Pokémon, Bravely Default, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.