Digital Games Mayhem Sale on Amazon


Right now, Amazon is running a crazy-good sale on a bunch of digital titles, deeming it “Digital Games Mayhem.”

Cheesy pun aside, if anyone knows how to put on a sale, it’s Amazon. We’re looking at dozens of deals on individual games and bundles. Note that all of the offerings seem to be on PC, but with news of Steam’s In-Home Streaming going public, now might not be such a bad time to stock up.

We’ve listed a quick sampling of the headlining deals below, but this is something you really need to see for yourself to get the full effect (like a rainbow or fireworks).

No clue how long these sales will be running, but considering they’re calling it “MAYhem,” we can probably make a pretty decent guess…

UPDATE: Looks like it’s running through May 31st. The more you know!


Kudos to Mike Winans for his help with this post.

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