Dustforce Vita v1.01 Patch Fixes Misc Issues


It looks like Dustforce for PS Vita finally got that patch we’ve all been waiting for, fixing many of the issues affecting the game since its release earlier this year.

In our Dustforce Vita review, we commented on some of these problems, writing:

The audio is another issue entirely. While the same gracious soundtrack from the PC version is present in Dustforce Vita, it sporadically cuts out. Aural hiccups become the norm, and they’re highly disorienting – especially if you play using headphones.

After hearing about the update, I revisited the game to see how it plays.

The audio issues are gone, as promised, and the game sounds better than ever, but there is still significant frame rate stuttering in certain levels (Backup Shift, for instance). In spite of this, it’s great to see the development team is actively supporting the game after its release.

You can view the full list of fixed issues at the source below.

Via: Karl Rohlen (Twitter)


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