Heartbreak, Heartbreak – Persona 4


A good video game soundtrack sticks with you, bouncing about your head long after the end credits roll.

Of course, if you’ve ever played Persona 4 or Persona 4 Golden, you already know what I’m talking about. The infectious soundtrack is both catchy and uplifting, with lyrics that somehow trick you into singing along (even if you’re not quite sure what they say or mean).

“Heartbreak, Heartbreak” is a personal favorite of mine. Even though I’ve heard it loop thousands of times as I dungeon-crawled and social-sim’d my way through Persona 4 Golden‘s ~100 hours of gameplay, I’ll never tire of it, still smiling like an idiot as I sing along in an obnoxious falsetto, improvising the lyrics I don’t know or can’t remember.

If you’re among the unfortunate few who have yet to play Persona 4, there’s no better time than the present. It’s now on sale as part of the PSN Store’s Golden Week Sale and was recently re-released digitally as a PS2 Classic.

A divine sign from above? Perhaps – or perhaps not. Either way, give “Heartbreak, Heartbreak” a listen below.

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