July 2014 Club Nintendo Rewards


Club Nintendo is amazing.

It took them a while, but since the company started dropping digital game downloads as rewards, it all feels so right. Sure, the trinkets and t-shirts are great, but this is even better.

July 2014’s Club Nintendo Rewards offering is fairly sweet. Let’s start with the breakdown – then we’ll talk:

  • Paper Mario – 250 Coins (Wii/Wii U)
  • Donkey Kong Jr. – 200 Coins (Wii U)
  • Kid Icarus 3D – 200 Coins (3DS)
  • Metal Torrent – 200 Coins (3DS)

If you missed it on the N64, Paper Mario is a must, and if Kid Icarus 3D is anything like Kirby’s Adventure 3D, that’s definitely worth checking out, as well. Metal Torrent is an DSiWare shoot’em-up that looks pretty swell, assuming that’s your thing. All in all, this month’s listing is looking pretty hot.

Again, the physical rewards seem sparse, but I imagine that’s due to it being a new Club Nintendo calendar year, meaning there’s a good chance your status has been knocked down a rank.

If you have a bunch of games you’ve yet to register, now’s a good time to get on that, as the big annual gift Nintendo gives to Gold and Platinum members every year will be announced shortly. Last year, I got a free download of Link’s Awakening for my 3DS, but there were a ton of other rewards I could have selected instead.

I just got a really warm, fuzzy feeling writing this article. Man, I love Club Nintendo.

July’s Club Nintendo Rewards will be posted through August 3rd, so get ’em while you can.

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