June 2014 Club Nintendo Rewards


Just in time for the E3 2014 Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo has updated the Club Nintendo digital rewards catalog.

From now through July 6th, you can pick up the following titles:

  • Electroplankton Rec-Rec (3DS – 150 Coins)
  • Kirby’s Dream Land (3DS – 150 Coins)
  • Kirby’s Adventure (Wii U – 200 Coins)
  • Mario Party 2 (Wii / Wii U – 250 Coins)

There’s not much as far as the physical rewards go, but this isn’t a bad selection by any means. I may have to jump for Mario Party 2. My friends and I were talking about it not too long ago, and it’d be a nice excuse to play it again.

You can get your rewards at the Club Nintendo site in the source link.

Via: Club Nintendo


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