La-Mulana Coming to Vita in December


Have you heard of the PC game, La-Mulana?

Me neither – unless you have! But it’s coming to the PS Vita in December 2014, and it looks awesome.

In my curiosity, I sought out the trailer on Steam, and wow! It’s like an Indiana Jones Metroidvania. I felt like it was 1997 again, and think the Vita will make a great home for La-Mulana.

If you’ve already played La-Mulana for the PC, the Vita version will host a few new features, including a Monster Bestiary and graphics fine-tuned to better fit the handheld.

As someone who enjoys games, but prefers them on handhelds, this is great news. I do hope they do away with those bars on the sides, though. It’s a waste of screen real estate.

Via: PlayStation Blog, Steam


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