Mario Kart 8 Original Soundtrack


If you read our review of Mario Kart 8, then you already know how much I loved the game’s soundtrack. It’s so good, I think it’s well worth a second look.

I won’t spend too much time talking about it – that’s time you can spend listening. Still, if you’re a fan of good VGM, this is a really fine selection of tunes.

While holding true to the “Nintendo charm” typical to all Mario games, the Mario Kart 8 soundtrack is surprisingly eclectic, featuring a wide array of sounds that are firmly rooted in tradition, despite it’s bold willingness to branch out and try new things.

Some of the songs, like “Moo Moo Meadows” are incredibly warm and catchy, while others borrow deeply from games like Super Mario Galaxy. This mishmash of music helps create the aural sense of urgency trademarked by the Mario Kart series, especially when a track picks up the pace on the third lap, inspiring a lot of vulgar language if you’re not in first, and even more if you’re taken out of it by a blue shell or lightning bolt.

While the music that rages on the title screen like the “SQUIBBLYBAMBLYMEEDLYMEEEEEEEEEEE” of a Mr. Torgue guitar solo can be a bit overblown, none of the songs feel mailed in, and Nintendo has put as much effort into the sounds of Mario Kart 8 as they did everything else. The cool thing is, there are even a couple music-themed courses – “Electrodome” and “Music Park” – which are as fun to play as they are to listen to.

Despite a lack of the Mario Kart 8 OST on Spotify (and all original Nintendo music, really), it’s still fairly easy to find. YouTube has a bunch of playlists all queued up for your listening pleasure. I’ve even linked one below. Go, you!

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