May 2014 Club Nintendo Rewards Update


The May 2014 Club Nintendo rewards update is live, and this month’s selection is looking pretty hot.

  • Super Metroid (Wii U) – 200 Coins
  • Kirby’s Adventure (3DS) – 200 Coins
  • Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters (3DS) – 200 Coins
  • Mario Kart 64 (Wii / Wii U) – 250 Coins

I’ve got a hefty stack of coins in my Club Nintendo account right now, but not for long. Kirby’s Adventure, Mario Kart 64, and Super Metroid will be mine as soon as I finish this post.

Just a quick note: The current rewards weren’t showing on the Club Nintendo home page as of this writing; I had to log in before I could see them. Give that a shot if they don’t appear right away.

Via: Club Nintendo


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