Mega Man Xtreme Now on 3DS eShop


Capcom Unity announced that Mega Man Xtreme will be the first game to drop on the Nintendo 3DS eShop as part of their “Mega May” promotion.

The release order was decided by a fan vote, with Mega Man Xtreme apparently being the most popular of the bunch.

Mega Man Xtreme is a portable medley of the first two titles in the Mega Man X franchise, blending various bosses and gameplay elements together to make a complete game, much like Capcom did with the first Mega Man on the original Game Boy.

I’ve personally never played Mega Man Xtreme, but according to Wikipedia, “Mega Man Xtreme was met with a lightly positive critical response. Reviewers enjoyed its familiar gameplay, but were disappointed by graphical issues and a high difficulty level.”

It’s nice to see some new Game Boy and Game Boy Color games making their way to the 3DS eShop, even if Nintendo won’t give us the Game Boy Advance titles we’ve been begging to have ported to their best-selling handheld.

Curious about what else is coming in “Mega May?” Click here to see the full list.

Via: Capcom Unity


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