Mirror’s Edge E3 2014 Trailer, Looks Awesome


DICE has posted the latest trailer for the new Mirror’s Edge, and it looks awesome.

The team worked directly with actual Parkour freerunners to make Faith’s movements as authentic as possible. While the environments shown in the trailer retain the same minimalist art style of the first game, it holds up well, looking very promising based on the gameplay DICE showed.

Judging from the trailer, it also seems like a lot of resources are being poured into the game’s sound effects. I’m a big A/V guy, so I always notice when developers put extra effort into a game’s audio. Both deeply influence tone and immersion, and I think it’s a wise decision to give the audio some extra love and care in a game like Mirror’s Edge.

I’m very fond of the original Mirror’s Edge, and despite never seeing it to completion, highly recommend it if you haven’t played it already.

Check out the full E3 trailer below, which explains a bit more about the development team’s objectives in making the new Mirror’s Edge.

Via: Kotaku, Mirror’s Edge YouTube


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