New Unreal Tournament Announced, is F2P


Today, Epic Games announced that a crew of Unreal Tournament dev team veterans will be working with fans to develop a new title for the series, featuring a new take on F2P gaming.

Epic Games won’t receive payment through microtransactions or game sales. Instead, players will be capable of selling in-game objects in which Epic receives a cut of the earnings.

Developed using Unreal Engine 4, the upcoming entry is currently planned for Mac, Linux, and Windows PC. Considering the sheer amount of community mods from the fan base of previous titles, this “develop with the community” idea may be a stroke of genius. Then again, it could also be a mess of muddled ideas and fan input. Here’s hoping for good things from a series that hasn’t seen a new installment since 2007.

Via: Destructoid, Twitch


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