Nintendo Announces Open-World Zelda for Wii U


During its E3 2014 Digital Event, Nintendo has announced a new, open-world Zelda game for the Wii U.

Game director Eiji Aonuma and the development team have wanted to create an open-world Zelda title for ages, but due to hardware constraints, weren’t able to make it happen. With the Wii U, they’re now able to develop a true “open-world” game.

Aonuma hopes this will reinvent the way the player solves puzzles in the new title, perhaps in a way similar to A Link Between Worlds, where the player could complete dungeons in any order. The short cinematic shown after the announcement is intense, revealing Link’s new design, which is as elvish as ever.

I love everything about this announcement and cannot wait to see more from this game. While no release date has been set, Nintendo says we can expect to explore an open-world Hyrule sometime in 2015.

Check out the full announcement and screenshots below – they’re delicious.

Via: YouTube, Nintendo


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