Nintendo Planning YouTube Affiliate Program


It seems like there’s always been a tug of war between game publishers and the content creators responsible for “Let’s Play” videos and other gaming-related content on YouTube.

While many game publishers and developers stood in the corner of YouTube content creators, Nintendo was one who instead opted to maintain complete control over its intellectual properties, stepping in and diverting the revenue earned from ads on Nintendo-related videos straight into its own pocket.

Well, it seems Nintendo’s had a change of heart (sorta), announcing on Twitter (part one, part two) it is currently working with Google on an “affiliate program,” looking to award a portion of the ad revenue earned on qualifying videos to the content creator. The details are sketchy at best, and there has yet to be any confirmation about what the split will be.

Since I’m not actively producing YouTube content, I can’t really offer a solid opinion on the matter, though I’ve heard quite a bit about these issues over the years. Content providers seem have a really rough time and appear to be at constant war with copyright policies and restrictions. It’s a thin line to walk, and I’m not sure how this will all play out.

On one hand, I understand that Nintendo has a right to claim ownership to its intellectual properties, but on the other, it seems like an incredibly delicate situation where Nintendo runs the risk of alienating fans and the entertainers who help market the Nintendo brand.

If anything, it sounds like it might be best for Nintendo to just let gamers do what gamers will and bask in some positive PR. With all the articles I keep seeing that suggest ways Nintendo can save itself, the company could really use it, and considering many other major publishers have already given content creators the go-ahead, it leaves a negative impression to go against the grain – at least in this instance.

Like I said, time – and I guess Nintendo – will tell.

Via: CVG, Game Informer


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