PSA: Banjo Games Bundle for Xbox 360


Good things come to those who wait. Or in this case, good things come to me.

Upon adding a Wii U and PS4 to my arsenal, I tactfully relocated all of my “last-gen” consoles to the bedroom, where they now serve as dust coasters and Netflix machines. Oh, and the Wii plays Super Smash Bros. Melee from time to time.

I’d occasionally boot up the ol’ Xbox 360 to see if Banjo-Kazooie or Banjo-Tooie were on sale, but they NEVER go on sale. I managed to resist up until now, but as I write this, I currently have the Banjo Games Bundle downloading to my Xbox, netting me both titles for the price of one.

Basically, you’re getting two HD remakes of two incredible games for just $14.99. Not a bad deal, and it’s about time they’re marked down.

Of course, all of this is much to the chagrin of my wife – she can’t stand the character voices.

If you’ve got an Xbox 360 and have either been waiting to pick these up now’s a pretty good time. Or you could keep waiting, I guess – but why?

Via: Destructoid, Xbox Marketplace


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