PSA: Skullgirls Encore Coming to PS Plus


Skullgirls Encore (PS3) is coming to PlayStation Plus for “free” this Tuesday.

While I haven’t played Skullgirls, I have seen it in action while hanging out with my fighter-obsessed friends. They seem quite fond of it, and it always looked pretty solid. I guess it’s finally time I give it a go.

That said, the PlayStation Blog also announced this week’s deals. They’re nothing special, mostly consisting of discounts for F2P game content. That’s not really my bag, so here’s the best of the best pay-to-play deals:

Title Plus Price Regular Price
Hitman Absolution Special Edition $8.99 $19.99
Hitman Trilogy HD $14.39 $39.99
Tomb Raider (PS3) $13.49 $29.99
Serious Sam 3: BFE $14.99 $19.99

Via: PlayStation Blog


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