Sony to Sponsor Indie Devs at TGS 2014


According to a report from DualShockers, Sony announced in a press release that it will be sponsoring all of the developers who show their games at the “Indie Corner” during this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

In the past, booths have been priced around $318 to $980, depending on the time spent set up at the show. Despite this, Sony intends to front the costs for all 50 spots, regardless of which platforms the developers plan to publish their games.

Sony’s made a lot of big talk about supporting independent game developers, and it’s refreshing to see the company backing its words with actions. I personally think that indie devs are going to be what holds this industry together over the next decade, especially considering all the studios that have dried up in recent years.

Then again, if anyone’s been hitting it out of the park lately with smart marketing and good PR, it’s Sony’s PlayStation division, doling out those warm, fuzzy feelings that have already sold over 7-million PS4 units to date. Good game, Sony.

Via: DualShockers, Roll7


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