Tomodachi Life, Still Weird, Coming June 6


I’m not sure what to make of Nintendo’s upcoming social game, Tomodachi Life.

On one hand, the strangeness is intriguing, and social gaming – when done correctly – can be incredibly cool and innovative.

On the other hand, it’s super weird, and seems a bit out of left field. It makes sense for Nintendo to capitalize on the success of its Mii characters, but it seems as though the company desperately wants to create a social network of its own, with Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive VP of Sales & Marketing, saying:

“You’ll want to play Tomodachi Life often – it’s a lot like following people’s antics on social media but better, and with a higher occurrence of hot dog suits, impromptu rock concerts, slug races and vivid dreams.”

If you’re among those early adopters who buy Tomodachi Life, you’ll also get two codes to pass along to your 3DS-owning friends so they can try the “Move-In” demo version of the game for themselves.

While celebrity cameos (in video games) and QR codes aren’t really my bag, I’m still curious to see how it all unfolds. More adventurous souls than I can pick up Tomodachi Life on June 6th.

Via: Nintendo Press Release, Tomodachi Life Website


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