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What is @CripplerJones?

@CripplerJones is the culmination of one man’s passion for video games and his desire to create a haven where games can be debated, celebrated, and even criticized.

@CripplerJones is an attempt to bring sophistication, maturity, and respect to video game discussion, all while remembering that – at the end of the day – they’re just video games.

These are the core values I’d like to hold closely throughout the development and growth of this site.

Why? Because I love video games, and if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you love them too.


Reviews on @CripplerJones won’t be managed the way they are on most other gaming blogs. There’s no plan or intention to implement any type of alphanumeric scoring system.

Fortunately, I’ll try not to smother you with clumps of meaningless verbiage, either. You don’t have time to read fluff and nonsense any more than I have time to write it. Just know that each and every review will feature the writer’s genuine thoughts, feelings, and opinions. We’re not here to put games on pedestals any more than we are to lynch them, and all’s fair in a good review.

The review format, as it stands, will cover the following key points:

  • Time Played – A rough estimate of game completion at the time of publication.
  • Gameplay – How does it play, is it fun, and just how fun is it?
  • Graphics & Audio – How does it look and sound? Does it help or hurt the game?
  • Buy it, try it, or skip it? – Is it worth your time, money, and attention?

Games will not be categorized by platform availability, but by the platform it was played on for the review. If a game is re-released or if a release is distinguished enough to be revisited, I’ll be sure to categorize appropriately when the time comes.

It may take a bit to fine-tune the format, so kindly bear with me. If you’re looking for more than what’s offered in the content of the review, the comments section will always remain open, and you’re encouraged to ask any questions you have there. As the great Frasier Crane says, “I’m listening.”


Believe it or not, there is a podcast in the works for this website (though I suggest you believe it). While I don’t have much to announce at this time, you should see something popping up here within the next few weeks (most likely around February). Stay tuned, and keep your YouTube account primed.


Eventually, Features will become the lifeblood of @CripplerJones.

While @CripplerJones “is an attempt to bring sophistication, maturity, and respect to video game discussion,” it’s not all top hats and monocles. You can expect fun, laugh-out-loud commentary just as much as you can expect down-to-earth, researched articles and formal essays.

Ultimately, it’s a personal goal of mine to turn this blog into a showcase for unique, thought-provoking content that’s always a worthy read.

Why This, and Why Now?

Because this is what I love, what I’ve always wanted to do, and something I’ve been away from for far too long. I’ve spoken of it for ages and had too many false-starts to count. For me, I’d even argue that this is a “now or never” sort of thing.

As it stands, I’m absolutely thrilled by the opportunity to bring you this site. While things may be a bit shaky at first, I’m aiming to provide you with quality content that’s well worth your time as long as you stay along for the ride.

Although I’m currently the only man on deck, I hope to bring a crew on board at some point in order to help provide you with the best video game-related content on the Internet.

So at that, welcome to @CripplerJones. Thank you for being a reader. Even if this is the last time you visit this site, I sincerely appreciate you checking us out and giving @CripplerJones a chance.


Perry Piekarski (CripplerJones)


About Author

Perry currently resides in Philadelphia, PA with his wife and cat. His favorite games include Final Fantasy VI, Muramasa, Portal, Pokémon, Bravely Default, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.