Yoshi’s Island Original Soundtrack


The original Yoshi’s Island is, in my mind, a perfect game.

It’s also one of the few I’m comfortable calling perfect. To put things in perspective, other such titles include Portal, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Mega Man X. These aren’t just games I like (though I do love them); they’re games that are technically perfect, having aged as well as a fine wine or Robert Downey Jr.

Yoshi’s Island is among the best games on the Super Nintendo, home to one of the most consistently impressive game catalogs in history, and – despite its age – is still light-years beyond many of the platformers we’ve seen since its 1995 release.

With vivid, eye-popping graphics, responsive controls, and delightfully clever environments, Yoshi’s Island is flawless. While I’m sure I’ll never fully understand what went on behind the scenes when Nintendo developed Yoshi’s Island, I hope they’re aware that they’ve created a masterpiece.

Which brings us Yoshi’s Island‘s equally memorable soundtrack. From the slow rise of title screen intro to the iconic jam that first plays in Stage 1-1 (and many, many stages after that), the Yoshi’s Island OST may be brief, but never sours.

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